Letter from the President

2018 has been an eventful year for the Person Place Preservation Society. We organized and delivered a delicious and storied Brunswick-Stew in March much to the delight of our many friends who are accustomed to that annual event. New customers joined our old friends and purchased all of what was said by many to be our best stew ever! Our Board members dedicate a great deal of time and effort to prepare for this annual event and encourage our Society members to join us in the many volunteer activities that make it a great success. Those Society members and friends that have joined us in this endeavor have been critical to our success. Let me thank each and every one of you that have ever contributed to our annual stew sale.

Ken and Sharon Billings, both of whom have served this board for years, have chosen to live in another county. We are going to sorely miss them as we prepare for the upcoming 2019 Homes Tour. Ken served as our Treasurer and Sharon scouted houses, negotiated access to homes, organized and kept all of our volunteers and home owners up-to-date while she guided our organization through many biennial Homes Tours. Sharon imparted a great deal of knowledge to the volunteers on the committees that she chaired leaving an operational legacy that we hold near and dear so; expect another wonderful Homes Tour in 2019.

Serving as the Society President for the past two years has been a highlight of those many days. I have become well acquainted with the most outstanding people and count them as my friends. As my term ends please welcome President Elect, Elizabeth Melvin. Elizabeth has begun organizing and delegating many of the tasks necessary to host an incredible Homes Tour in 2019. She is truly the right person to have in her new role as president. Hers’ is a happy family with big hearts and a brand new Grand Baby!


Holt Kornegay, President PPPS