Elizabeth May Service Award

Linda Cottrell has been recognized as an outstanding community volunteer in the mold of Elizabeth May, a founding member of the Person Place Society.

Mrs May, Bo May's mother, was the originator of our famous Brunswick Stew recipe and a dedicated community leader and volunteer in the Epsom community.

Linda, in addition to her integral role in the work of the Person Place, is a similar community leader and volunteer, serving in many capacities as a vital contributor to the Louisburg community and her church, reaching out to families and friends in need, and using her well-known cooking skills to bring comfort to those suffering the loss of a loved one. Her caring friendship and organizational talents have brought about lasting bonds between those whose lives have touched hers.

A successful business woman, a busy homemaker, Linda still has time, along with her friend, Carolyn Patterson, to pursue their joint project, the compilation of pictures of buildings and scenes from Louisburg's past.  The culmination of this endeavor will be a volume illustrating the times, citizens and life styles of the original center of Franklin County's business and government.

We are so proud of our Linda and congratulate her on this well- deserved honor!