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We invite you to join The Person Place Preservation Society!  
Your annual contribution will help to promote the Person Place as an important historic destination in Franklin County. 
The 2017 Person Place Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers who oversee the care and promotion of The Person Place and the importance it lends to Franklin County, NC and its environs. 

Holt Kornegay, President
Elizabeth Melvin, Vice President
Emma Ruth Stewart, Corresponding Secretary
Joe Pearce, Recording Secretary
Ken Billings, Treasurer
Diane Fleming, Membership
Joe Elmore, Historian

Lucy Allen ~ Sonny Allen
Sharon Billings ~ Betsy Burnett Benning 
Linda Cottrell ~ Alex Covington ~ Terri Elliot
Sissy King ~ Bo May ~ Mark Russell
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Contributions are fully tax deductible within the limits of federal and state laws. 

Please print and complete the Membership Form (click here for form), and mail with your check (payable to "Person Place Preservation Society") to:

The Person Place Preservation Society 313 Church Street Louisburg, NC 27549 
The Person Place Preservation Society is a registered not-for-profit organization, and depends on the valued support of its members, sponsors, volunteers and clients.  

Thank you for helping us in our continued mission to preserve and share the Person Place with residents and visitors of Franklin County!